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Alysann Sieren

Alysann Sieren is a Corporate Communications Executive at Bank of America, responsible for communications supportof a member of the company’s management team, including engaging the employees on the company’s strategies. She also serves on the company’s leadership team for the Charleston market. Previously, Alysann led corporate communications for Bank of America’s consumer distribution channels. She set the communications strategy and provided senior communications counsel to the executives leading the consumer business for the company. She also served on the Diversity & Inclusion Council for the consumer division of the bank.

Alysann has held numerous consumer marketing positions. She joined Bank of America in 2001 as a brand and advertising manager. Prior to coming to Bank of America, Alysann held marketing communications management roles at MCI Worldcom and was an account supervisor at an Atlanta-based marketing communications agency. She served two terms on the Board of Directors of Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach, an organization that provides educational, health and direct outreach services to residents on the sea islands of South Carolina. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Charleston Parks Conservancy and the Vestry of Grace Church Cathedral in Charleston.

Alysann holds Bachelors of Arts degrees in Communications and English Literature from Saint Mary’s College (South Bend, Indiana) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design from the American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, GA.