About The Conservancy

Common ground for the common good.

We’re a community service organization that believes public parks and green spaces are important for the future of Charleston. We envision a community that understands, experiences, and values these essential public resources. Our mission is to connect people to their parks. We are reimagining our parks so that everyone can experience the profound impacts of public green spaces.

As an organization, we’re committed to:


Relationships are at the heart of a healthy community. Enjoy the parks with your neighbors.

Exceptional Experiences

Outdoor experiences lift the spirit, inspire community connectedness, and deepen civic pride.

Park Stewardship

We provide the gardening and horticultural expertise to keep our public parks thriving and inviting.


We support collective long-term happiness and health. We provide environmental care and social well-being for current and future generations.


We love learning as much as you do. Get to the root in our gardening and horticulture resources.

Total Funds Raised by the Conservancy


Show your support for Charleston’s parks.

Wear your park on your sleeve (or your mug, or your hat).