A Walk in the Park: Waterfront Park

After you’ve lived in Charleston a few years, you tend to take for granted the beautiful water views, the sunsets on the harbor and our many parks that create a peaceful setting to just soak up the night air – and, of course, the night humidity.

We love Waterfront Park because it gives us a chance to appreciate Charleston through the eyes of visitors. So, this weekend, pretend you’re a tourist and hang out at Waterfront Park for a bit. Gaze out over the water, keeping alert for dolphins or a lone stingray.

By a $2 flower made of sweetgrass and sit in one of the large swings, drifting into a peaceful lull. Well, that’s assuming you can snag a swing – those suckers are in high demand, so be quick on your feet when one empties.

Then head left and stroll to the pineapple fountain. Kick off your shoes and dip your toes in the water.

These are all the activities tourists do and that we used to do when we first moved here, so take yourself back a few years and fall in love with Charleston all over again.

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