A Walk in the Park: Washington Square

Named in honor of George Washington, Washington Square is located at the corner of Broad and Meeting streets. One of the city’s premier parks, its historic location is also home to Charleston City Hall, which was renovated a few years ago. City Hall sits at what is known as the “Four Corners of the Law.” It represents municipal government while the three other buildings on the corners represent state and federal law as well as God’s law.

Tucked behind City Hall, the park is a great place to escape a hot summer day, finding relief under the mature canopy of live oaks. Washington Square is well manicured with floral displays changed throughout the year and over-seeded lawn in the winter months. The ironwork and architectural features in this park make it a must-see when walking the streets near this famous corner in Charleston.

Read more of the park’s history and its monuments in this entry from the Charleston County Public Library.

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