A Walk in the Park: Marion Square

It’s quite possible you may not have been to all 120 parks and green spaces in Charleston, but it’s a safe bet you’ve been to this one: Marion Square. This park is constantly abuzz with activity ranging from college students playing Frisbee and sunbathing to business people having lunch or coffee.

Marion Square is home to numerous major events, such as the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, the Charleston Wine + Food Festival and the Charleston Green Fair. Each Saturday it’s filled with fresh fruits and veggies and the smell of kettle corn and crepes during the farmer’s market. Marion Square is probably one of our most-used parks.

You may have walked through Marion Square dozens of times, but on your next visit go armed with some new park knowledge:

The grounds of the square served as a muster ground for the State Arsenal.
– In 2001, the park was renovated to add the paths that crisscross the park.
– The park was once known as Citadel Green. Hmmm, which name do you prefer?
– A touching tribute runs along the Meeting Street side of Marion Square – the city’s Holocaust Memorial. The west side of the monument is inscribed with the history of the Holocaust and names of survivors living in South Carolina.
– You may have sat along the edge of the water fountain, but have you ever read the inscription on it: “Will it build goodwill and better friendships?”

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