A Walk in the Park: Chapel Street

Typically when someone mentions a park, our thoughts go to open fields, green spaces for tossing a Frisbee or a place to let the dog run. While those kinds of parks are terrific, sometimes it’s nice to find a park that’s more refuge than recreation.

Chapel Street Fountain Park is just that kind of space. A mere .2 acres, Chapel Street Fountain Park certainly isn’t big enough for an impromptu game of flag football but it’s ideal for a lunch break, reading the morning newspaper or escaping for an afternoon coffee and a few minutes of peace and quiet.

The park is located between Meeting and East Bay streets, just a few blocks from the intersection of Calhoun and East Bay streets. It has benches, a fountain and an expanse of grass just the right size for a picnic blanket.

The park is surrounded by homes, businesses and cars driving by, but the water in the fountain drowns out the world and soaks you in an appreciation of nature.

The Conservancy has been working in and maintaining this park for the last couple of years and you’re sure to find an assortment of plants and blooms just about year round.

If you’ve never visited Chapel Street Fountain Park, check it out and let us know what you think. We also have regular Garden in the Park days there so watch our calendar of events and come out and join us!

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