A Variety of S.C. Christmas Trees

A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree, right? Some are tall and slender and others are short and squat, but they’re all basically the same, don’t you think? Well, not exactly. Here in South Carolina, Christmas tree farms grow a wide variety of trees: Carolina Sapphire, Blue Ice, Leyland and Murray Cypress; Eastern Red Cedar and Deodar Cedar; White Pine and Virginia Pine.

Here are some interesting facts about the tree varieties from the S.C. Christmas Tree Association:
– __The Virginia Pine__ is a native to the South and one of the most widely grown Christmas trees. It has short needles, dense foliage and strong branches for hanging heavy ornaments.
– __The Leyland Cypress __is one of the most popular trees grown in the South for Christmas trees. It drops few needles and easily stays fresh through the season. A plus for asthma sufferers, the tree is grown from cuttings so doesn’t produce pollen.
– __The Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice __are varieties of the Arizona Cypress and two of the newest species developed for Christmas trees. The foliage is blue-green in color, soft to the touch and has a strong aroma. A word of caution: these trees tend to dry out easily so don’t cut them until three to four weeks before Christmas.
– __The Fraser Fir __with its blue-green foliage and strong branches doesn’t grow in South Carolina because it requires cooler summer weather and higher altitudes (we certainly don’t have those conditions). But some farms will carry pre-cut Fraser Firs for people who like that variety.

Which variety is your favorite? Want to try something new this year? Search for the nearest Christmas tree farm.

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