A Reminder on the Benefits of Plants

It’s no secret that plants are an important part of our environment, our health and the very core of our existence. Living in Charleston where we’re surrounded by beautiful spaces makes it’s easy to take for granted the benefits of plants.

Here are some reminders courtesy of TheGardenCentral.com:
– Humans and plants need each other. Plants breathe out the oxygen humans need, and humans breathe out the carbon dioxide the plants need. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.
– 1 plant for every 3 people improves air quality.
– There are about 250,000 types of flowering plants in the world.
– About 25 percent of all prescription medicines in the United States are derived from plants.
– A single tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen in a year – that’s enough for a family of four.

Why not consider adding to our world of plants and reaping the benefits? Plant a tree, add a few houseplants to your kitchen window sill, hang a potted plant on your porch or start a flower garden. Let’s hear your ideas for better recognizing the benefits of plants.

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