A New Look for Wragg Square Just in Time for Spring

Wragg Square is one of the most historic parks in the City of Charleston, dating back to the early 19th century. Located in the heart of downtown near the Charleston Visitor Center on Meeting Street, the park is bounded by a historic brick wall and a finely crafted wrought-iron fence.

If you’ve walked by Wragg Square in the last few months you’ve probably noticed the park is getting a makeover. In partnership with the City of Charleston and the Mazyck-Wraggborough Neighborhood Association, the Charleston Parks Conservancy is leading an effort to revive and renovate Wragg Square.

Gone are the steep steps that made the park difficult to access. Last year the City of Charleston completed the first phase of the park renovation, building new steps, adding a wheelchair-accessible entrance, a refurbished central walkway and newly painted fence.

Beginning in March, the Conservancy will plant new gardens, giving the park a refreshed look just in time for spring. Park of the work includes a new brick walkway leading to the center of the park, which will include a new brick and bluestone square surrounded by seating and a large urn for plantings.

Upon completion, Wragg Square will be cared for by the Charleston Parks Conservancy and [Park Angel volunteers](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/volunteer) through the [Garden in the Parks](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/programs) program.

The Dewberry Foundation, the State Ports Authority, Bennett Hospitality, Mazyck-Wraggborough neighborbors and many others have pledged generous donations to launch the project. [Donations are still being accepted for the Wragg Square renovation fund.](https://www.charlestonparksconservancy.org/donate)

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