A Flowery Finish to Corrine Jones Makeover

The transformation at Corrine Jones Park has been pretty amazing. Last fall we installed brand new playground equipment, and a few weeks later architecture students from Clemson University designed and built a shade structure for seating.

Then on April 28, the Conservancy added a colorful touch with the first-phase planting. Several volunteers and Conservancy staff gathered to plant about 500 flowers and shrubs in the park.

Conservancy horticulturist Paul Wentz explains what plants were selected for the park and why – mostly because they are proven successful plants that don’t require constant attention and they provide color and structure in the garden for nine or 10 months out of the year.

  • 50 Blue Love Grass – blue color all summer long.
  • 50 Northwind Grass – tall, upright grass that provides structure
  • 20 Salvia – a summer bloomer that attracts humming birds
  • 20 Mums – a fall bloomer with pink flowers
  • 45 Rosemary – these are evergreen and add a wonderful scent to the garden
  • 3 Night Blooming Jasmine – these provide fragrant blooms in the evening
  • 30 Lemon Marigold – these have yellow flowers and scented foliage
  • 100 Tiger Eye Black Eyed Susans – long-lasting yellow flowers
  • 50 Blue Plumbago – blue flowers all summer and fall
  • 60 Dwarf Solidago – yellow flowers on a small, compact plant
  • 30 Rose Creek Abelia – this evergreen shrub has white flowers and provides good structure year round
  • 45 Pink Knockout Roses – pink flowers all summer and fall

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