5 Reasons Your Office Should Volunteer in the Parks

The first hints of warm weather are showing up in Charleston and it has just about everyone ready for fresh air and sunshine. We have both at the Conservancy. The spring is a great time to volunteer in the parks with us as we get the flower beds and plantings ready for their busiest season.

Our year has been off to a great start with individuals and groups joining us to work in the parks. In fact, January was a record-breaking month (and it was even cold!) with 114 volunteers logging two or more hours. Plus, we signed up 25 new Park Angels and hosted five groups of volunteers.

While we have regularly scheduled Garden in the Parks days open to anyone, we can also work with businesses, schools or other groups on a time and project that fits their needs and interests.

Now that you’re convinced, here’s how you sell the idea to your co-workers:
– Get outside! Remember that study in 2011 about how too much sitting takes years off your life? Why not garden in the parks and live longer!
– Watch your boss sweat (and this time not over the annual budget!).
– Build team spirit. Nothing forges a sense of togetherness like digging in the dirt.
– Pick up some gardening tips and tricks. You don’t need to have a green thumb to work with us. Our staff horticulturists will explain everything and you’ll take home some skills you can apply in your own garden.
– Support your local parks. We all love spending time in Charleston’s parks – whether shopping the Charleston Farmer’s Market, attending a music concert or just hanging out. This is your chance to play a role in keeping the parks beautiful for years to come.

Now, get in touch with our volunteer director, Neves Richards, at neves@charlestonparksconservancy.org and then go grab your gardening gloves.

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