10,000 Trees for Charleston Launches

Here’s a cause we can get behind: 10,000 new trees planted in Charleston. In his State of the City address earlier this year, Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. proposed a new initiative: 10,000 Trees for Charleston. His vision was to create a new community organization that, working with the city, would plant 10,000 trees in the suburban areas of Charleston – along highways, shopping area, streets and parks (hooray for parks!).

“I believe that we should be committed to the reforestation and beautification of the edges of our suburban neighborhoods,” Riley said.

Jimmy Bailey was appointed as chairperson and the organization is tasked with raising money, filing for permits and planting trees along seven key Charleston corridors: Sam Rittenberg Boulevard, Glenn McConnell Parkway, Savannah Highway, St. Andrews Boulevard, Old Towne Road, Folly Road and upper Meeting Street.

The planting kickoff was, appropriately, on Arbor Day (Dec. 7) with 14 trees planted in those key areas. We look forward to watching those trees grow and we hope to see some more trees in our city parks too!

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