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Connecting people with their parks


We are young, but our cause is timeless.

Founded in May 2007 by philanthropist and native born South Carolinian, Darla Moore, and supported by a regional base of horticultural professionals, the Charleston Parks Conservancy began to truly establish its presence in Fall 2008.

From the very start,  the Conservancy has defined its approach to our parks through collaborative efforts. Working with the City of Charleston and the neighborhood communities surrounding Colonial Lake/Moultrie Playground produced a conceptual master plan for the renovations of this Charleston landmark park. Creating a new park signage system was one of the original goals for the Conservancy. New park signs for several CPC park projects were installed in Fall 2009. The most successful collaboration occurred starting in 2007 with what would become the Windermere Boulevard Community Garden, a collaborative ongoing project between the Conservancy, the Charleston Horticultural Society, City of Charleston , and the surrounding Windermere community.

2009 was also a breakthrough year with the creation of the Garden in the Parks program.  While renovation projects create sizable excitement, something for the community to support, this program revolves around the long term care provided by the Conservancy staff and our engaged volunteers, the Charleston Park Angels.  This same year saw the creation of Educate You, an education program comprised of online web based resources and educational classes with local professionals lending their expertice.