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Marion Square

Marion Square Fountain

Park Details:

  • Location: 329 Meeting St., Charleston, South Carolina 29403
  • Size: 6.85 Acres
  • Directions

This 10-acre park, much improved as the result of a 2001 renovation, accommodates a number of different urban activities, including a popular farmer’s market, a fountain, a performance area and a number of historic monuments. Some of the uses of the park are large in impact although brief in duration, such as the annual Piccolo Spoleto Arts Festival and BB&T Charleston Wine + Food Festival, but there are also a number of smaller and more frequent neighborhood and citywide events held here, including the city's Christmas tree. The space is flexible -- the park can host large events without feeling crowded and can host small events without feeling deserted.

Marion Square occupies a crucial position in the urban structure of Charleston. The park serves a number of adjacent neighborhoods with a broad demographic. This space has a long history of public uses – it has been used as a military marching ground since before the revolutionary war and was the site of a celebratory parade by the city’s African-American residents after the Civil War. The parade ground was reclaimed for public use in the latest renovation with new paths crossing the large green lawn. The edges of the park are shady and cool. The mixture of native and exotic plantings label their continent of origin, which celebrates Charleston’s history as a major port.

The list on plants in Marion Square can be viewed here.

This park has free Wi-Fi Internet access thanks to Google and the Charleston Digital Corridor.

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Previously known as the Citadel Green, Marion Square is a 10-acre rectangular plot of land that was conveyed to the colony of South Carolina in 1758. The Old Citadel, or South Carolina State Arsenal, currently sits on the north side of the square where a group of buildings known as the Tobacco Inspection once stood. These buildings were erected by the state in 1790 for the storage and inspection of tobacco prior to its shipment. The grounds of the square served as a muster ground for the State Arsenal. At one time, the square was bisected by Lowndes Street and divided into building lots. Houses remained on the King Street side of the square until the latter part of the 19th century. Lowndes Street disappeared, but Tobacco Street, which runs along the south side of the Old Citadel, remains a dedicated public street. According to the lease agreement made with the city of Charleston, the central portion of the square is to be kept open forever as a parade ground for the Sumter Guards and the Washington Light Infantry.

I was told by a park officer that hanging my hammock at the park was not allowed anymore. Frankly, I believe that is unfair. I’m not quite sure how that is banned because Marion square is the only place in downtown Charleston with trees to hammock. On a stressful day, all I want to do is walk to the park and hang my eno (type of Hammock) and relax. But yet again, the park allows students from CofC to sunbath…which is disgusting because the park is suppose to be family friendly. I guess all I want to know is the bylaws or rules that prohibit the use of hammocks…?

By Anonymous Sally on Mar 31st, 2014

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By additional reading on Jun 25th, 2014

The most prominent architectural feature of the park is the 97-foot statue of John C. Calhoun that faces Calhoun Street. This isn’t mentioned in the “Details” or “History” sections.

By Wink Prince on Jul 15th, 2015

Thanks for the share!

By true religion mens andrew boardshort on Sep 12th, 2015

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