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Colonial Lake Park

Colonial Lake Park

Park Details:

Colonial Lake Park is a neighborhood park in the heart of peninsula Charleston. It is one of the most popular parks for afternoon strolls with the kids and dogs in tow. Bikers, joggers and walkers frequent the park at all times of the day. This park has a rich history, making it one of Charleston's most interesting storytelling parks. Its bare bones appearance has much support in the community for a major renovation. It is a favorite spot for wedding proposals and life-changing announcements. The holidays boast one of Charleston's most talked about Christmas trees lit up for all to see in the middle of the lake. The tidal lake changes with the daily tide changes. Park benches give a resting point for quiet conversations. This lower west side park is right across the street from Moultrie Playground, known for its tennis courts and access views to Lockwood Drive.


Water AccessPark Benches


  • 150+ years
  • April 1768: An act that cut the Broad Street canal and reserved the surrounding marsh land for the common use of Charleston
  • 1870: Rutledge Street Pond is created
  • 9.5 acres
  • Intended to rival White Point Gardens
  • 1881: Received the name Colonial Lake in honor of the Colonial Commons created in 1768
  • 1880s: Construction on lake
  • Oyster shell sidewalks and concrete retaining walls built
  • Pond deepened, oak trees planted, benches installed
  • 1900s: Lumber yards on the Ashley River
  • 1930: Moultrie Playground built
  • 1937: Tennis and skating courts built
  • 1949: Land ceded for Sergeant Jasper House

what’s going on with the rec center across from colonial lake ? i see pool tables, ping pong, foos ball inside but no hours posted or any indication it’s ever open now. (nov 2011)

By joshua li-walker on Nov 28th, 2011

I grew up on Tradd St right behind the HorseLot. I spent most of my teen years playing sports for Moultrue Playground, The Charleston Playgrounds had well run sports progrounds with competition events amoung the several city playgrounds.East Bay and Moultrie were always competing agaist each other for the winning event of each sport season.

We need to have this type of program for local children and teens again.

Martha Carroll R. Carter

By Martha Carter on Aug 16th, 2013

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