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Connecting people with their parks

We Believe:The quality of a city is directly related to the quality of its parks.

We exist to care for and improve Charleston’s 120+ parks. By doing so, we improve more than the city’s beauty. We improve its health, community and economic strength.

We strive:To keep Charleston’s parks one of the great highlights of our city.

Beautiful parks can improve property values, promote community, attract tourists, help the environment and improve public health with free and useful recreational opportunities.

We work hard:To make sure Charleston’s parks benefit everyone.

Through our public-private partnership with the city, we improve parks with renovations, maintain parks throughout the city and help keep Charleston's parks some of the finest in the nation.

We need you:To volunteer or donate so we can keep our parks at their best.

There are numerous ways to help. You can volunteer for a specific project. Join the Park Angels to help regularly maintain a park in your neighborhood. Or simply provide a donation. Every bit helps.

Current Program Activity

  1. A Community Garden’s First Harvest
  2. A Flowery Finish to Corrine Jones Makeover
  3. A Makeover for Allan Park
  4. A New and Improved Allan Park
  5. A Pause in Play for Maybank Tennis Renovations

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