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Connecting people with their parks

We Believe:The quality of a city is directly related to the quality of its parks.

We exist to care for and improve Charleston’s 120+ parks. By doing so, we improve more than the city’s beauty. We improve its health, community and economic strength.

We work hard:To make sure Charleston’s parks benefit everyone.

Through our public-private partnership with the city, we improve parks with renovations, maintain parks throughout the city and help keep Charleston's parks some of the finest in the nation.

We need you:To volunteer or donate so we can keep our parks at their best.

There are numerous ways to help. You can volunteer for a specific project. Join the Park Angels to help regularly maintain a park in your neighborhood. Or simply provide a donation. Every bit helps.

Current Program Activity

  1. A Community Garden’s First Harvest
  2. A Flowery Finish to Corrine Jones Makeover
  3. A Makeover for Allan Park
  4. A New and Improved Allan Park
  5. A Pause in Play for Maybank Tennis Renovations

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